Cindy David has been nominated to be part of a special report called Women of Influence in Canada’s Life Insurance Industry, which will be featured in the August issue of The Insurance and Investment Journal. In total, they will be featuring photos and career profile articles of 50 women, including CEO’s and top executives at insurance companies, MGA leaders and many top advisors.

Traditionally male-dominated, the Canadian insurance industry is changing. Many women are now contributing their energy, talents and determination towards the financial security of Canadians. As such, The Insurance and Investment Journal honoured 50 women who work in the insurance industry for their professional achievements. The women were nominated by a group of industry professionals representing the journal.

“It’s a real privilege to be recognized in the industry along with my colleagues. I feel really blessed to have been given the opportunity to excel at something I truly enjoy. The people on this list were nominated by a group of industry professionals representing The Insurance and Investment Journal, which is also a great resource for advisors, both seasoned and new. The article is intended to highlight the achievements and contributions of successful women in financial services with the goal of providing role models and inspiration to the readers. To that end I would say that I have seldom suffered from a lack of self-confidence, but looking back 20 years ago when I entered the industry, I wish I knew then with as much certainty…I am worthy.”

Congratulations to Cindy on receiving this distinguished honour!

Click here to view Cindy’s personal profile page.

Click here to view the full report online.

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