“I cannot speak highly enough about Cindy’s ability to quickly establish trust and provide the best professional advice for her clients. I would not hesitate to recommend her to individuals, families or businesses that may require superior financial and/or estate planning advice.

I was recently involved in trying to assist friends in the complex sale of a large family business. They received advice from a myriad of advisors and consultants over a three-year period. The resulting confusion from the varying opinions had the family members at odds with each other and the sale process appeared to be hopelessly stalled.

Cindy David was recommended to us as the person to provide a much-needed solution. The combination of her high level of interpersonal skills and professionalism immediately established a feeling of trust with each of the family members.  Her team then set out to provide the financial, tax and legal advice that eventually led to a smooth business sale process in a relatively short period of time.  She also set up insurance and investment programs for the various family members and this provided them with much needed peace of mind after a lengthy and arduous sales process.”

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