We live in an age of constant change, new challenges, and increasing complexity. At the same time, we’re fortunate to work in an environment abundant in opportunities, if we are open to them.

Doing so means we need to reflect, reboot and refocus:

  • Reflecting means not throwing away the past, but energizing for the future. What can we can learn from what got us here? And how can it propel us to where we go next?
  • Rebooting means looking at challenges and opportunities like we’re seeing them for the first time – and not being afraid to make a left turn in what you’re accustomed to. Rebooting creates energy.
  • And refocusing means sessions that are sharper, more precise, and more dialed in on what matters most to CALU members

CALU 2018 helped members stare down challenges, overcome obstacles, and identify opportunities. Looking forward to AGM 2019!

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