Pay Less Taxes


Are you paying more tax than you need to?

If you have significant assets you don’t plan to draw from for a while, you have several options at your disposal. You can:

  1. Continue to invest in non-registered taxable investments. Assuming you earn on average 6% return in your portfolio, you will pay tax on the investment income every year. As your portfolio slowly grows, this tax will increase every year.
    or, you can:
  2. Implement a tax-sheltered Universal Life (UL) to enjoy tax-sheltered growth of your investment portfolio.

Why do it?
The cost of buying life insurance is less than the cost of tax in a non-registered portfolio. By investing in life insurance, you can tax-shelter funds over and above current RRSP contribution limits (18% of earned income or a maximum of $22,000 for 2010). The earlier the plan is set up, the more compounded tax you’ll save on the growth of the investment.

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