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Succession planning

You may be surprised to learn that about seventy percent of all family businesses in Canada fail to properly succeed to the next generation. This is mostly due to poor planning, and can be avoided by consulting with specialized professionals.

Your Legacy

Trust Planning

Trusts are extremely useful tools that offer important benefits like matrimonial and credit protection. Unfortunately, too many Canadian business owners miss out on the opportunity to use Trusts effectively. By strategically combining a trust with an estate freeze, you can protect your assets and defer and eliminate excess taxes.

Passing the torch – Business Succession and Generational Planning

Finding and grooming a suitable successor can be a difficult process.  Once you’ve decided who you want at the helm of the business – your children, perhaps, or your business partners – how exactly do you hand over the reins? And how do you limit the taxes you pay in the process?

We can help you create a realistic exit strategy based on your retirement objectives. Our proactive approach to business succession will ensure you maintaining control and flexibility throughout the transition process, and our customized Action Plan will outline the necessary steps to transfer your business interests smoothly and harmoniously.

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