I’m thrilled to be hosting a workshop about Estate Planning at the Transitions Canada Conference this year! The conference is created for family businesses by family businesses.

Transitions Canada is unique among Canadian family business forums: all of the speakers are business family members sharing their stories and experiences in a confidential, “no-sell” environment. This allows for deep conversation and learning for attending family businesses.

The theme of Transitions Canada 2018 is “The Power of Family Capital,” looking at the following topics:

  • Tapping the Expertise of Your Non-Family Executives
  • Developing and Onboarding the NextGen, both Inside and Outside the Business
  • Best Practices for Family Governance: Councils, Boards, Assemblies and Committees
  • Family Philanthropy: Creating Long-term Bonds in the Family, Business and Community
  • Looking Deep and Wide In Your Family For Skills and Knowledge the Business Needs

Additionally, attendees will attend their choice of moderated breakout sessions and expert workshops on a variety of family business topics, including:

  • Performance evaluation for family employees
  • Building a family office
  • The family and business financials: to share or not to share?
  • Building passion in the family for the family business
  • Special Sessions for: Married-Ins, Siblings, Cousins, and a Next Gen Roundtable.

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