Cindy attended the inspiring breakfast with Carolyn Cross, Chairman & CEO, Ondine Biomedical Inc. Carolyn Cross is one of the founders of Ondine Biomedical Inc., and currently serves as the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Vancouver-based company.

She has 30 years experience with public market securities and 27 years experience working with early stage companies. With a background in finance, Ms. Cross was previously responsible for managing mutual funds and discretionary private client portfolios as a Vice President with Royal Bank Investment Management Inc., the fund management arm of the Royal Bank of Canada. Ms. Cross currently sits on a number of corporate boards including Periowave Dental Technologies Inc., Sinuwave Technologies Corporation and Cayoose Creek Development Ltd. (A First Nations Entity). She is a Board Member and Treasurer of the International Photodynamic Association (IPA) and Founder of the PanAmerican Photodynamic Association. Ms. Cross is a past Director of the Board of the Canada Foundation of Innovation and a recent appointee to the National Research Council of Canada. She serves on the Advisory Boards of the Ernst & Young Global Women In Business Advisory Council, and of Gro Your Biz, a national organization assisting Canadian Women Entrepreneurs. She is a Founder and Board member of Women’s Economic Business Advisory Council and the McGill University Dental School. Ms. Cross is a Jubilee Award Recipient from the Government of Canada and a recipient of the 2015 Influential Women in Business Award. Ms. Cross holds a CFA designation, an MBA from York University and an Honours in Business Administration from the University of Western Ontario.

Great quotes from Carolyn:

    “I am ambitious, I want to save millions of people from dying, and I want to empower women to succeed”

    “I have been working on my mission for 17 years, it will take much longer, but there is nothing more important I can do”

    “Be lucky enough to find something that brings out your passion”

    “45% of prescriptions for antibiotics go out for situations that cannot be treated by antibiotics”

    “Ask for photo disinfection versus surgery”

    “Allow yourself to be open to failure and stop playing it safe, it will free you to succeed”

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