Taking Another Look at Annuities

by Gavin Adamson (Investment Executive, March 2010) The traditional products, combined with an investment strategy, have appeal for some advisors and clients [More]

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The Christy Clark Show

CKNW AM980 (February 2, 2010) Christy Clark interviews Cindy following the news that a BC court has told a daughter to repay her elderly father […]

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Improving retirement income decisions

by Cindy David (Advisor’s Edge, February 2010) Highlighting the benefits of pension maximization. The plan allows pensioners to insure their own survivor pension privately, rather […]

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The Role of GMWBS in Estate Planning

by Cindy David (Advisor’s Edge, November 2009) I frequently come across clients who own Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit (GMWB) plans or are considering purchasing one, […]

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Beyond Ruling from the Grave

by Cindy David (Business In Vancouver) One of the  first implemented steps in most estate plans is the all-important Will, outlining how your  […]

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