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BC Business – How to sell your business for the best value

 It has often been said that the most important transaction business owners will ever make is when they decide to exit their business. BCBusiness recently discussed the topic with two experts in the field: Kellie Manchester, a partner with Sequeira Partners Inc. (which specializes in selling businesses); and Cindy David, President of Cindy David Financial […]

BC Business – You sold your business! Now what?

It’s one thing to trust thousands of dollars to a friendly investment adviser at the bank. It’s quite another to hand over millions. That’s the worry for many family-business owners after selling their life’s work—leaving them with a huge bucket of cash and potentially a paralyzing fear over what to do next, says Cindy David, […]

Reflect. Reboot. Refocus. – CALU’s 27th Annual General Meeting

We live in an age of constant change, new challenges, and increasing complexity. At the same time, we’re fortunate to work in an environment abundant in opportunities, if we are open to them. Doing so means we need to reflect, reboot and refocus: Reflecting means not throwing away the past, but energizing for the future. […]

When does it make sense to pay off debt with investments?

There is no hard or fast rule BUT if the cost of borrowing increases to 5% you may want to consider cashing in investments to reduce exposure to debt.  If rates are lower, and taking into consideration where we’re at in a market cycle whether we’re in a bull or a bear market, it makes […]

Robert Ward presents Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

We had the honor of listening to Robert Ward of WardChisholm, P.C. speak about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 and its impact on Canadians doing business in the US and US citizens living in Canada. On December 22, 2017 President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law. This is […]

BC Business – Navigating the New Taxation Landscape Requires a Deft Touch

The release of the 2018 budget in February saw the federal government introduce amended rules on how passive investment income for Canadian-controlled private corporations (CCPCs) would be taxed. And while they are an improvement over the punitive tax rates proposed a year prior, Ottawa’s scheme to restrict access to the small business deduction if the […]

Budget 2018

The new federal budget includes several measures that target the cornerstone of the Canadian economy: small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). How will the new budget affect you and your business? The restrictions on income splitting introduced in 2017 and the new passive investment income rules from this year’s budget legislation are the most significant […]

Should I pay for my insurance annually or monthly?

Save premiums on your term life, disability and critical illness insurance by paying annually instead of monthly. The insurance companies charge almost a full 13th month for the privilege of paying on monthly through pre-authorized chequing (PAC).  If you can afford it from a cash flow perspective, you can make the change anytime throughout the  […]

Cindy speaks at St. George’s School Career Day

Cindy had the honor of presenting at the annual St. George’s Careers Day event on March 9, 2018. This year’s theme – Finding your Purpose: Not Just a Job – corresponds with their efforts to help their students strive for purpose and meaning in the planning of their post-secondary studies and future careers.  This goes […]

Cindy featured in Business in Vancouver Retirement Ready Magazine 2018

The federal government has introduced changes that will affect how you save for retirement. Are you ready? Look for Cindy’s article in Business in Vancouver’s Retirement Ready 2018 magazine. Download the article here.                 Click here for a link to the magazine!