Our Team

Cindy David, CFP, CLU, FEA, TEP
President & Estate Planning Advisor

With 25 years of financial planning expertise, Cindy David, CFP, CLU, FEA, TEP, is the President of Cindy David Financial Group Ltd., which consults to larger national firms such as Raymond James Ltd., to Group Employee Benefits Brokers and Investment Consultants such as Bull Wealth. In the fall of 2009, David co-authored the timely book encapsulating the deepest economic downturn the globe has seen in decades: Financial First Aid for Canadian Investors: Stop the Bleeding, Start the Healing and Get Your Portfolio on the Road to Recovery. The book holds the distinction of being one of the Top 5 financial books of 2009, according to Canada’s Money Sense Magazine. She has also penned a number of financial pieces for a variety of respected publications.

Cindy David is a well-known expert in the Canadian insurance industry. A commemorative “Award of Excellence” was presented to her in 2008 by Canada’s largest financial institution, Manulife Financial, for being one of the top three estate planners across the country. According to Manulife, Cindy is the youngest individual to have achieved this distinction. Cindy was also part of a special report called Women of Influence in Canada’s Life Insurance Industry, featured in the August 2014 issue of The Insurance and Investment Journal. She also contributed to the January 2016, 2017 & 2018 editions of Business in Vancouver’s Retirement Ready magazine. Cindy was more recently featured in the June 2018 & July/August 2018 editions of BC Business.

She works with many business owners in BC and retired or retiring clients. Cindy provides her tax-effective solutions and expertise and tailors customized, personal financial planning services to meet the life goals of each client. An accomplished speaker, she is often asked to be a member of industry panel discussions including presenting at the Conference for Advanced Life Underwriters AGM in Ottawa in May 2014 and she was on the only Canadian speaker on the mainstage at the Raymond James Ltd. North American Women’s Symposium in September 2015, where she spoke about work life balance.

Karen Leung
Sales & Marketing Assistant

With over 7 years of experience in the field, Karen has a thorough understanding of the industry, which she leverages in her daily interactions with clients and their advisory teams. She is responsible for the preparation of all financial plans and illustrations. She also manages all marketing campaigns and organizes client events. Karen is currently on maternity leave and will be returning February 2020.

 Debbie Beninteso
Administrative Assistant

Debbie is responsible for coordinating and processing all new applications as well as policy service and administration for the team. She collaborates with team members, clients, and advisors to ensure smooth communication and processes.

Kelly Snyder
Executive Assistant

Kelly is responsible for communication and event management for the team. She organizes travel arrangements for Cindy and is in charge of scheduling client meetings.